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Posted on May 27 2018

Aprons & Tips



Could what apron you wear lend a hand in how much Tip you earn? It’s an interesting question, and one we will ponder about here.


     The establishments we serve in all vary in theme and expectations, but what is invariably the same across the board is that we want and are expected to look our very best all the time. Personal appearance is one of those things you have completely within your control. You take the time to jazz it up for the simple fact that, how you appear will determine how a customer perceives you. First impressions are God in the service industry.

     Your shirt is pressed, your pant perfectly creased, and your well kempt, now slap on that standard service apron. Great, no problem!? No news is good news? Yea not quiet! Your apron is earning you zero points for your work in total presentation. Zero dollars added to your tip at the end of your night star gazing into the eyes of all of your customers providing the excellent  impeccable service doesn’t need a second thought. Being that your guests are totally engaged into your appearance before service begins gives you an opportunity to lay on a little extra magic. Guests dine not only for the cuisine but for the eye candy as well. It’s about the design dining experience; the décor, chef artistry… Imagine an introduction that included an apron that bolstered your entire ensemble. Looking your best speaks volumes to how much you care about your customers; taking major preemptive effort in preparing yourself for them almost always guarantees a second thought when deciding a tip at the end. Do we tip the recommended percentage per usual or give their perceived worth? If you’re a server and you know you’re a star, your aiming for what you are worth and NOT what a percentage based calculation determines. Glass ceiling tipping crashes your night/day takeaways.


      Rose Aprons, we recognize uniqueness and individuality in service, as well as the other side, collectiveness and uniformity, but were talking about “Making Money (Tips)” wherever possible. If you have an opportunity to maximize on your appearance throughout your sections and in turn have it lend to you making Bigger Tips, then the answer you are searching for has become clear. Get rid of the old apron!





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