One Dirty Apron

Posted on May 25 2018

One Dirty Apron


Has change come? Yes!

 Like anyone else I love a good night out on the town, enjoying great cuisine and the design dining experience. My server arrives, Yes! But wait, why am I not smiling!? Your apron. What happened to your APRON?

Oh! Umm… And may I ask for a quick clean up at our table, my appetite just spilled.


Well let me say I’m not here in any way to bash today's standard apron, their useful. However, over my many years in the service industry I’ve seen them treated with very little R.E.S.P.E.C.T. and what does this mean to me? HahA! Got what I did there?! Well forget my cheesy sense of humor and let me focus on what looks like actual dried up cheese on this apron.



 Rose Aprons


Well here’s the great advice our momma gave us all! RESPECT is EARNED, and these aprons aren’t out here earning any of that from us. Their Lazy! They slant! They break in every possible place imagined. The dreaded things I’ve seen done to these standard aprons. Frankly, like attracts like, their middle name is after all Disposable. I’ve witnessed spills wiped, floors swept, and 3-pointers made directly into the trash; you guessed it! All done with disposable aprons.

Well Rose Aprons is here to change all that. An Apron worthy of only checkbooks & tips and all in between. Maybe the occasional co-worker asking to sport it for the night. At Rose Aprons we are all about strength, durability, and yes! Style. Add it all up! And yup! R.E.S.P.E.C.T., and that is what it means to me. Hah!? Yes? Yeeesss! So, save that old apron for that wipe up over at table 13. Rose Aprons are here to show you a new way to do, Apron.






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