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Why Rose Aprons

Rose Aprons aims to provide Ultra-durable, Fashionable, and Professional Aprons for servers and a variety of establishments with a vested interest design dining.

There is one word that easily sums up the reflections of Rose Aprons, and that is “innovation.”

Here at Rose Aprons we eat, drink, sleep, sweat, breath, and bleed Aprons. Do not call a doctor because what we have is not ill at all, it is outright dope! We are pumped full of passion and love what we're doing. We bring forth a “Brand”-new way to constructing server aprons that provide all the aesthetics one could ask for, the reliability and comfort a server needs, and personality to match. We have one moto at Rose Aprons, “There Is an Apron for Everyone”. What you or we can conceive; we will design & achieve your custom apron.


What is Different

Let us begin at the core of it all; literally, the core. Yes! Rose Aprons has a core. Traditional server aprons are normally two-dimensional, put together with a single fabric lining, folded unto itself with a single stitch. However, Rose Aprons has completely re-designed the apron and outfitted it with a plush soft interior, which we simply refer to as our soft-core lining. Our soft-core design is for both body and comfort.

Secondly, all our aprons are joined together with the use of high tension threads for a significantly longer life over a standard service apron.

Thirdly, we see each and every one of our Aprons as being a hand-crafted work of art worth safe keeping, so we provide a free custom protective carrying pouch for every Rose Apron. Accompanying pouches are embroidered with our seal and lined appropriately in accordance with the design of your apron. A feature Rose Aprons is proud to be the first to offer.

For additional features refer to product description


How are your aprons made

Rose Aprons incorporates hand-manufacturing of all Aprons direct to consumer. We plan on keeping it this way. Create Jobs!


What are the dimensions


Rose Aprons are the same familiar size (aprox.) as standard aprons. 26” x 10.5” (Body) | 72” x 1.5” Strap (total length) | 7.5” Pocket depth | 8”- 9” pocket space. Rose Aprons center pockets are designed with extra room to house additional larger items i.e., tablets as large as 10.1”.

Note: With a tablet occupying center pocket, an additional 3 checkbooks can still be stored in tandem. Recommended capacity of total Apron, are 9 checkbooks plus miscellaneous items.


Are your aprons wash friendly 

Rose Aprons aprons are completely machine friendly. Wash instructions are provided with each of the many types of aprons offered. Sensitivity for some aprons may be recommended over others depending on the apron you are choosing. E.g., Aprons that are Nylon based would be recommended for gentle hand-washing, light/line dry for longer life. These would be our show pieces, next to our other aprons that are more specifically designed for rougher work environments and can endure various pressures.


Do you custom aprons

Yes! Rose Aprons beginning was founded by delivering custom aprons directly to servers. Nothing has changed however, this service will be available on our e-commerce platform very soon.


Rose Aprons- We aim to over deliver. If any questions or requests arise before purchase, please forward them to Rose Aprons for an immediate response from our Customer Service Department.

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